Yash Kadaru

Software Engineer . Designer

I love the intersection of programming and design.

I've worked with many great teams and creative people.

I love working in tight-knit teams that value kindness, diversity of thought, and building great software that provides true value to its users.

I have experience with all parts of the full-stack, with expertise in the front-end.

I'm very familiar with every facet of the wonderful web development ecosystem, but I've worked with Javascript extensively the most. React.js, Vue.js, Angular, and Express.js are a couple of frameworks I've leveraged deeply in production, along with a host of libraries and tooling that accompany such projects for state management, data fetching, routing, linting, building, optimization, and testing.

I've also worked with a multitude of other languages and tooling over the 7+ years in my career. I remember tinkering with technology my whole life. My Dad was very influential in my passion for technology as a tool for good, growing up. We took apart, built, and broke countless PC's and gadgetry. We discussed ideas for hours on end. He taught me how to code for the first time in Visual Basic – I was bewitched. He also introduced me to video games like Roller Coaster Tycoon and other 'builders' that made me feel like anything I imagined or dreamt, I could bring to life. Couple of years later, I started learning programming seriously in Java around 2009 - and continued to use Java throughout my education. Ruby on Rails was my first big framework I quite fell in love with at the start of my career. I was also fascinated with the rise of Javascript, and Web Development as a whole around this time: the dawn of Backbone.js, Handlebars, Bower, Browserify, Grunt, Gulp, and countless other technologies that came after each other like no tomorrow, expanding what was possible with and in the web.

I've recently worked a lot with Python building micro-tools for miscellaneous development tasks, or to analyse data sets for clients. In my professional work, I've used C# with .NET Core & Framework quite a bit, along with Entity Framework and PostgreSQL in the back-end. Lately I've been obsessing over how CSS is evolving with the rise of PostCSS, CSS Modules, CSS-in-JS libraries like Emotion, and frameworks like Tailwind (which I'm using on this site!). When I find some time, I want to dive into Rust, Go, Next.js, and Deno to see what all the fuss is about!

I love sharing my knowledge with my peers and continously learning from the people around me.

After getting great feedback from my mentee at Konrad, I jumped on the opportunity from my Manager to teach BrainStation's Web Development Bootcamp. I ended up teaching not just one but two four-month semesters – it was a pivotal experience in my career. I got great feedback with a 4.7/5 Educator rating. I taught over 60 students who were looking to switch careers, a robust full-stack curriculum:

  1. History of the Web (history and context are so important to have direction!)
  2. Foundations of Programming
  3. Working with Git and the power of source control
  4. HTML & CSS (and pre-processor tooling like SASS)
  5. JavaScript, and the idea of function, dynamic behavior, and reactivity in the Web
  6. SPA's and libraries like React.js that help you achieve componentization in the web
  7. Servers, Node.js and the concept of a back-end
  8. Express.js, a framework for the back-end
  9. Working with external APIs using libraries like Axios and tools like Postman
  10. Working with databases like MySQL, through ORM's like Knex and Bookshelf
  11. Testing with Jest and the importance of writing testable code and tests
  12. DevOps tooling like PM2 and Deployment with Heroku and Netlify
  13. Collaborating with a team using Git, GitHub, and extraneous tools like JIRA and Zeplin

In addition, I wrote a massive set of content for the curriculum and developed a new system in Slite to manage the lesson plans week-by-week, onboarding documentation for teaching assistants, etc., that they're still using today. I wrote countless demos & code-alongs for lectures, workshop projects, whiteboarding challenges, and more. My love for teaching and mentorship will never fade after my experience here. It was enriching, fulfilling, and, most of all, humbling.

Let's chat!

You can reach me fastest through email below. Currently in Toronto, Canada.